United MHC aspires to be the most reliable and authentic temporary heating/cooling equipment and service provider in the nation.


Our mission at United MHC is to provide superior temporary heating and cooling solutions and services to our clients. We pledge 24/7 emergency response to ensure immediate indoor air quality at a fair cost to our customers nationwide.


  • Integrity
    United prides itself in building trust with our clients by keeping our promises and taking responsibility for all of our actions.  Only persons with strong ethics are hired to represent us. We do the right thing – even when no one is watching.
  • Fairness & Honesty
    We work with our clients to provide fair and reasonable price points.  All charges are completely transparent – no hidden costs. We believe fairness and honesty contributes to long term solutions and relationships with our clients.
  • Quality
    Our equipment is all top quality and guaranteed. Malfunctioning equipment will be replaced at no charge to the client.  Our team of professionals are dedicated to delivering top notch services. We strive to upgrade the quality of our equipment every chance we get.  We are dedicated to maintaining our company’s standards and practices.
  • Gratitude
    Our world can be frustrating, confusing and even scary. We love to show empathy and act with humility. We are all human, and therefore, we respect our customers, partners, and coworkers.