• Indirect fired heat exchanger allows external exhaust of combustion products
  • Optional thermostatically controlled
  • Standard steel lifting harness on FVO-400, FVNP-400, FVO-600, FVNP-600
  • Heavy-duty flat free tires and slim design for easy site mobility and transportation
  • FVO-200, FVO-400 FVO-600 model has built-in fuel tank
  • Your choice of heating oil, diesel, propane, or natural gas.
  • Digital voltage display
United MHC | Indirect fired heaters


Item NumberFuel TypeBTU/HRCFMFuel CapacityLengthWidthHeightWeight
FVO-200RCOil200,0002,60022 US Gallons51.5 in27 in43.5 in330 lbs
FVNP-200-RCPropane200,0002,600External52 in27 in48 in 300 lbs
IFVO-400Oil390,0002,50042 US Gallons70 in29 in52 in400 lbs
FVNP-400Natural Gas or Propane390,0002,500External70 in29 in47 in365 lbs
FVO-400BTOil390,0002,500118 US Gallons70 in29 in78 in900 lbs
FVO-400RCOil390,0004,00042 US Gallons70 in29 in52 in450 lbs
FVNP-400RCNatural Gas or Propane390,0004,000External70 in29 in49 in470 lbs
FVO-400RCBTOil390,0004,000118 US Gallons70 in29 in78 in900 lbs
FVO-750Oil750,0007,000N/A98 in36 in61 in1390 lbs
FVNP-750Natural Gas or Propane750,0007,000N/A98 in36 in61 in1390 lbs
FVO-200RC42Oil185,000 2,600 42 US GAL51.5 in27 in 48 in350 LBS
FVO-400RC60Oil390,000400060 US GAL77 in33 in 56 in495 LBS