Mechanical or Facilities Directors could receive several benefits from United MHC temporary 155 Ton Air-Cooled RTAC (rooftop air-cooled packaged units) and 80 Ton Package A/C (air conditioning) units and ClimaTemp CPT-12 & CPT-12 HEPA Spot Cooler Cold Plasma Needlepoint Bipolar Ionization Technology + HEPA Filtration

Some potential benefits include:

Increased cooling capacity: These units are capable of providing a significant amount of cooling, which can be useful in ensuring the comfort of patients, staff, and visitors in the medical center.

Flexibility: Temporary units can be easily installed and removed, which can be useful for events or special circumstances where additional cooling is needed.
Reduced downtime: If a permanent cooling system experiences a failure or needs to be serviced, temporary units can be used to provide cooling while the permanent system is being repaired or replaced, thus minimize the interruption of operations.
Cost-effective solution: Renting temporary units can be more cost-effective than purchasing and installing permanent units, especially in situations where the need for additional cooling is only temporary.
Emergency backup: Having temporary A/C units as backup can help to ensure that the center can continue to operate during an emergency event, such as a power outage or extreme heat.


Recent advances in healthcare technology have generated a need for additional cooling equipment. When searching for the ultimate in purifying portable air conditioners, look no further than United Mobile Heating and Cooling. Climatemp HEPA spot coolers and Cold Plasma Needlepoint Bipolar Ionization Technology portables are designed specifically for use in the healthcare environment. The indoor Air Quality (IAQ) line of portable air conditioners uses HEPA filtration and active bipolar ionization to kill viruses and bacteria. United MHC Portable Air Conditioner can keep your healthcare equipment and practices running smoothly by
· Adding supplemental cooling when HVAC systems can’t keep up.
· Preventing heat-generating lab equipment from shutting down and ensuring employee comfort.
· Ensuring your plant remains in a functional environment while under construction.
· Certifying that MRI and all other imaging centers remain at required temperatures.

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Rush University Medical Center (RUMC) is a nationally ranked academic medical center located in Chicago, Illinois. It is part of the Rush University System for Health, which also includes Rush Oak Park Hospital and Rush Copley Medical Center. RUMC is one of the largest and most comprehensive medical centers in the Chicago area, and it is known for its excellence in patient care, research, and education.
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