DATA CENTER Cooling Strategies with United MHC for Greater Efficiency

At United MHC, we confidently provide industry-leading, top-quality temporary cooling solutions that are specifically designed for data centers. We understand the crucial importance of maintaining a comfortable environment to ensure the smooth operation of your data center, especially during data center construction and data center commissioning. Our rental cooling solutions, which include portable air conditioners, chillers, and cooling towers, can be customized to deliver precise cooling levels that your data center requires.

Our commitment to customer service sets us apart from the competition. We take pride in our authentic approach to business, which includes a 24/7 emergency service and a team of experienced technicians to help with installation, maintenance, and support. Our services also include emergency cooling, planned maintenance, and equipment rentals.

With our flexible power systems, we provide tailored cooling and dehumidification solutions that ensure your data center operations remain safeguarded in challenging environments and during maintenance. We also offer contingency and BCDR plans to respond quickly to sudden utility constraints caused by rapid data center construction and expansion in urban and remote areas. Our bespoke plans are based on data center age, environmental conditions, and known risks, ensuring reliable data center redundancy.

At United MHC, we are modular and flexible rental equipment experts who solve today’s most significant data center problems. Our global reach gives us unparalleled knowledge of the challenges data centers face, and our deep expertise ensures high-performing environments.Our services can help increase your speed to market by offering power systems for testing, temporary temperature control, power supply, and dehumidification. We also offer a responsive approach anywhere in the world, helping you stay flexible with additional cooling or power for peak operations, and equipment rental for planned maintenance and upgrades.

Our temporary cooling units can supplement or replace existing cooling systems in data centers, helping prevent downtime and protect sensitive equipment from overheating, especially during data center construction and commissioning. So, if you’re experiencing overheating or downtime issues, contact us today at 877.457.9400 or email to learn more about our temporary cooling solutions for data centers.

Don’t let overheating and downtime disrupt your data center operations. Let us help you keep your data center running smoothly. Visit our website at to explore our range of services and products. To provide your business with an accurate quote and ensure that we are supplying the most suitable equipment for your needs, we kindly request that you provide us with the following HVAC information and rental requirements. Your cooperation in providing this information will enable United MHC to give you accurate pricing and rental periods. Thank you for considering us for your data center cooling needs.


GPMs: Gallons Per Minute of fluid that needs to be cooled

Tonnage: The cooling capacity of the chiller measured in tons

Water/Glycol Temp: The desired temperature of the fluid that needs to be cooled

Temperature Disconnect: The temperature at which the chiller should automatically shut off

Comfort/Process: Whether the cooling is for human comfort or an industrial process

Pipe Size: The size of the pipes that the chiller will be connected to

Return Temp Delta: The temperature difference between the fluid going into and coming out of the chiller


Supply/Return Pressure: The pressure of the steam being supplied and returned

BTUs/Horsepower: The heating capacity of the steam system measured in BTUs or Horsepower

Temperature HVAC:

Required Loads: The amount of heating or cooling needed for the space or process

Furnish Temp Units: Provide temporary heating or cooling units as needed for the required loads

Delivery, Setting in Place, and Removal: United MHC will provide delivery, set up, and removal of the temporary unit

Rental Period: Assume rental will be needed until a specific date or until further notice

Alternative Pricing: United MHC will provide pricing for weekly/monthly extension rates in case the rental period needs to be extended.

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