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DATA CENTER / SERVER / TELECOM / EQUIPMENT ROOMS / Cooling Strategies with United MHC for Greater Efficiency

United MHC provides supplemental or instant emergency back-up cooling purifying portable air conditioners, air handlers, chillers, and/or generators to protect your critical equipment during a heat-related crisis. With a trend towards smaller, more “heat dense” Data Centers, equipment shutdowns may be more likely to occur as your Data Center cooling options fail or become inadequate. Proper temperature management in your data center / server / telecom / equipment room is required to maintain functionality. Allow our temperature control professionals to remove excess warm air and humidity from your data center environment.

· Our compact, portable climate controlled cooling units conveniently roll into tight spaces, providing you a quick spot cooling solution.
· United Mobile Heating and Cooling’s air conditioners, air handlers, and chillers protect your systems and data environment.
· Use our portable cooling equipment with programmable controls to keep equipment cool after-hours.

• Air Conditioners – Air Cooled/Water-Cooled/ HEPA Needlepoint Bipolar Ionization Spot Coolers
• Chillers – Air-Cooled/ Water-Cooled/Air Handlers/Cooling Towers
• Dehumidification – Desiccant/ LGR/ Air Movers/ Drum Fans/Air Scrubbers
• Power – Portable Generators (10KW-1000KW) /Load Banks/ Transformers/Power Distribution/Fuel Tanks
• Roof Tops (2 Ton – 150 Ton)

United MHC is focused on customized solutions. We are always thinking “outside the box” to consider all possible solutions to meet your needs. Our temporary climate control rental fleet can get your entire industrial complex online while you wait for a service call and repair.