“Stay Comfortable and Productive with United MHC Services” in Retail Stores. United MHC offers a comprehensive range of temporary heating and cooling solutions that cater to all your in-store requirements.

Our state-of-the-art dehumidifiers protect your products from humidity damage, ensuring they are stored in a dry environment. Our HVAC and energy initiatives give you complete control over the temperature of your store, while our store construction project coordination and facilities maintenance services keep your store running smoothly and efficiently. In case of an emergency, our emergency back-up cooling solutions provide peace of mind.

United MHC also provide retail stores with a Store Construction Project Coordination for installation of HVAC and energy initiatives to help maintain the store temperature. We also provide Store Facilities Maintenance services to keep the building running smooth and have minimum risk of breakage.

At United MHC, we are dedicated to providing the best in temporary heating and cooling solutions. With a team of project engineers, staging and installation managers, and more, we are the go-to choice for retail, multi-site properties, restaurants, grocery stores, and more. Our extensive rental solution fleet, competitive pricing on big-ticket HVAC equipment, and extensive product offerings make us the reliable partner you can count on.

People enjoy spending time in retail stores to buy desired products. In order to keep loyal customers, retail stores need to maintain a good temperature for the customers to feel comfortable and be able to shop with ease . Many in store products also need to be stored at a specific temperature. United MHC partners with stores and offers a variety of temporary heating and cooling solutions.

At United MHC, we provide a comprehensive suite of services specifically designed to meet the needs of our retail customers. From equipment installation and de-installation to infrastructure cabling, our team of experts is dedicated to making your life easier.

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Contact us today at (877) 457-9400 or to experience the difference in service and quality. United MHC: Your Trusted Partner in Temporary Heating and Cooling Solutions.”

In addition to our bundled services, we also offer specialized services such as asset tagging and counting of store merchandise, direct hiring of full-time IT talent, and IT asset liquidation of all types of electronics. Our aim is to provide a one-stop-shop solution that covers all your needs.

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