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People enjoy spending time in retail stores to buy desired products. In order to keep loyal customers, retail stores need to maintain a good temperature for the customers to feel comfortable and be able to shop with ease . Many in store products also need to be stored at a specific temperature. United MHC partners with stores and offers a variety of temporary heating and cooling solutions.



In different areas of the U.S., there is high humidity. Most products in a retail store come in a packaging of carton boxes made up of paper, these products need to be stored in a dry place. Humidity can damage the boxes and increase the risk of storing the product for a longer period. United MHC provides a wide variety of ‘Dehumidifiers’ that controls the locations with high humidity to increase the storage life of products in retail stores.


Installation of HVAC and energy initiative:

United MHC also provide retail stores with a Store Construction Project Coordination for installation of HVAC and energy initiatives to help maintain the store temperature. We also provide Store Facilities Maintenance services to keep the building running smooth and have minimum risk of breakage.

We provide variety of services for retail stores that includes,

  • Dehumidifiers
  • HVAC & energy initiatives
  • Store Construction Project Coordination
  • Store Facilities Maintenance
  • Emergency Back-Up Cooling
  • Hospitality
  • Project Engineers
  • Staging and installation managers
  • And much more

United MHC aspires to be the most reliable and authentic temporary heating/cooling equipment and service provider in the nation. United MHC provides temporary Heating & Cooling solutions for companies with store infrastructures in retail, multi-site properties, restaurant, grocery, and similar environments. Our temporary HVAC equipment can get your retail site, office or industrial complex online quicker than waiting for a service call and repair. Besides having a large Rental Solution Fleet, we also offer great pricing on Big Ticket HVAC Equipment.

United MHC – It Services – IT Infrastructure – Direct Hiring “FULL-TIME IT TALENT”

United MHC specializes in bundled services for our retail customers, but are not limited to:

  1. Equipment Installation/De-installation Services/Deployments
  2. Infrastructure Cabling
  3. Asset tagging and counting of store merchandise
  4. Direct Hiring “FULL-TIME IT TALENT”
  5. IT Asset Liquidation of all types of electronics.

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