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United MHC aspires to be the most reliable and authentic temporary heating/cooling equipment and service provider in the nation.

Our mission at United MHC is to provide superior temporary heating and cooling solutions and services to our clients. We pledge 24/7 emergency response to ensure immediate indoor air quality at a fair cost to our customers nationwide.

United MHC provides quality temporary equipment to get the job done right. Our portable spot coolers can do more than just cool the air. They can also provide faster drying for construction projects.

  • Speed up drying and curing of new construction and building materials such as concrete pours, masonry, ground thawing, drywall joint compound, paint, tile grout, caulking and flooring adhesives, to reduce job lead times
  • Provide cooling or heating relief to personnel in job-site trailers or tents with our Turn Key Construction Site Program – cement barricades, delivered propane tanks and routine site refuel visits.
  • Provide temporary cooling / heating / power for building occupants when the central HVAC system has a scheduled shutdown or an unforeseen emergency.

Cooling: Self-contained, portable United MHC units provide quick, cooling relief for personnel in job-site trailers or tents – or for building occupants when the central HVAC system is temporarily turned off.

Drying: United MHC portable spot air conditioners quickly remove moisture from the air, speeding up drying and curing of drywall joint compound, paint, grout, caulking and adhesives.

We’ve developed a hyper-collaborative team that possesses a passion for helping General Contractors, Construction Management Partners maintain national Climate Solutions at each stage of the construction process.

Our Equipment List includes:  

  • Direct fire heaters
  • Portable Heat Pumps & Equipment
  • HEPA Spot Coolers
  • Indirect fire heaters
  • Electronic heaters
  • Gas Furnaces
  • Fuel Hubs & Propane
  • Generators 100 KW – 3000 KW
  • Boilers ( All Sizes)
  • Chillers (100 Ton – 3000 Ton)
  • Air Handlers
  • Dehumidifiers

Below is the type of projects United Supports:

Retail Store
School / College / University
Non-Residential Building
Office Building
Government Building
Medical Office
Apartments & Condominiums
Hospital / Nursing Home

If it’s Temporary Heating, Cooling, Direct Fire Heaters, Portable Heat Pumps & Equipment, HEPA Spot Coolers, Indirect fire heaters, Electric heaters, Fuel Hubs & Propane, Generators 100 KW – 3000 KW. Want to get the best idea? Think United MHC.

  • After-Hours / Weekends
  • Contingency Management
  • Emergency Back-Up Heating & Cooling
  • Maintenance
  • Supplemental Heating & Cooling