Bring outdoor cooling, heating, power to areas you thought were impossible. United Mobile Heating and Cooling’s portable air conditioner systems are often used to provide cooling relief outdoors and at Entertainment events. United Mobile Heating and Cooling units are entirely self-contained, enabling quick and easy set-up, installation, and breakdown at all events. We provide step by step turn-key service and support that includes Project sizing, Equipment placement, Fuel estimates, Delivery, Installation, Technical support, Removal.

· Weddings
· Art Festivals & Performances
· Concerts
· Entertainment Venues
· Hospitality Suites
· Movie Sets
· Sporting Events
· Vending Booths
· Industrial Projects
· Disaster Response
· Military Exercises

Impress your guests with what a United MHC Heating and Cooling spot cooler can do it produces a comfortable environment, even in the hottest or coldest and stickiest of seasons. Protect participants from the dangers of extreme heat, cold or loss of power during entertainment events.


Keep attendees comfortable with Temporary HVAC solutions for any temperature, from chillers and air conditioners to electric heaters. We plan and execute your mission with reliable, secure and environmentally friendly portable air cooled spot coolers, water-cooled portable air conditioners and Heat Pumps, electricity generation and distribution. Our committed assignment managers and national specialized installation technicians offer the expertise to peer your project through to finishing touch.

When the stakes are excessive and you want speedy setup and takedown, United MHC is your depended on accomplice for turnkey transient power and temporary HVAC offering. Our exceptionally skilled and knowledgeable team of installation technicians offers innovative answers for all of your temporary heating, cooling, power wishes.

The leader in IAQ Portables. The 2 Newest Technologies in Portable Cooling and Heating Products. ClimaTemp is the leader in IAQ portable air cooled spot coolers, water-cooled portable air conditioners and Heat Pumps.  We were the first to combine portable air conditioners and Heat Pumps with air cleaning technologies which includes, HEPA filtration and Bipolar Ionization.

The Cold Plasma Technology (CPT) line of spot coolers where engineered to specifically solve and improve the issues of Indoor Air Quality.  Our Cold Plasma Technology utilizes Needlepoint Bipolar Ionization and can be combined HEPA filtration which reduces up to 99.7% of viruses and bacteria while also removing odors and reducing VOC’s.

ClimaTemp’s “Patent Pending” Cold Plasma line of portable air conditioners and purifiers are the first in the industry to utilize Needlepoint Bi-Polar Ionization Technology. This technology utilizes active purification by creating and releasing millions of positive and negative oxygen ions into the air.  These ions seek out and attach to pathogens such as viruses, causing a chemical reaction on the surface of the cell membrane. This deactivates the viruses, rendering them harmless, so they can no longer spread or cause infection.
In conforming to strict health regulations all of our purification products are UL2998, which are Certified Ozone Free and safe for all applications.

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