United RTO or United Rent to Own is our financial assistance division dedicated to changing the way companies rent equipment ‘long term’.  While the equipment rental business has always been a great “short term” option for our customers – equipment rental has been difficult for consumers needing help “long term”.  United RTO has a team dedicated to help bridge that ‘temporary’ rental into a ‘permanent’ solution for new and used Equipment Financing & Structured Equity loans as a result of expansion, a desire to upgrade, or part of a regular replacement schedule.

We understand there is perception to rent if you ‘have to’ and that rental equipment is returned and capital expenditure is dedicated to a permanent solution.  We want to help you get the equipment you need and develop a plan to own that equipment so your rental expense goes toward your end solution – as quickly and efficiently as possible.  We work nationally and have complete equipment service and financial programs available to give you the compete benefit of renting with a regular monthly payment.

  • Long-term projects
  • Yearly or seasonal rentals
  • Upgrading your equipment fleet
  • Expanding your facility
  • Replacing inefficient or outdated equipment
  • Contingency/Backup planning
  • All essential use commercial assets, machine tool assets for production capacity, manufacturing, injection tool, food processing, assembly line equipment
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