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In every industrial environment, massive heat is generated from the mechanical and electrical work of the machines. Protect your employees, processes and equipment from their hottest environments with portable air conditioner solutions.

As we know, the first guiding principle of any industrial environment is: Safety First. The safety of workers, products and materials are very important. And the heat generated can cause measurable health and material damage.

Classic & Classic Plus series of industrial air conditioning units has provided effective cooling solutions for factories, warehouses and workplaces.

Our industrial cooling units bring cool, refrigerated air to your production lines without the need to spend hundreds of thousands on 100 or more tons of cooling.

Portable AC units help reduce the risk of heat exhaustion and increase your employee morale, leading to improved manufacturing quality and productivity.

United Mobile Heating and Cooling spot cooling units prevent product defects by eliminating warping and condensation due to excess heat and humidity.

Our portable AC units reduce processing time for most heat-related production processes by up to 94%.


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