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Hospitals and healthcare equipment are always working around the clock, while also complying with safety measures and ever changing technologies. There is a need to create a more efficient healthcare facility developing an environment which is safer and more secure, with patient welfare, staff comfort and productivity at its heart.

From operating theaters to offices, there is a need to maximize business performance and minimize energy usage to realize your performance goals. There is a need for a complete range of systems for ventilation and cooling.

Recent advances in healthcare technology have generated a need for additional cooling as more heat-generating medical equipment is being used today. Office Pro Portable Air Conditioner Series cools healthcare facilities, keeping your equipment and practices running smoothly.

  • Temporary use for emergency rooms when they become too hot and over-crowded.
  • Prevent heat-generating laboratory equipment from shutting down and keep your lab employees cool.
  • If your healthcare facility is under construction and your main air conditioning unit is temporarily offline, use
  • United Mobile Heating and Cooling to remain in a functional environment.
  • Keep MRI rooms and other imaging centers running with supplemental cooling

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