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Materials that has been stored in conditions which are too humid will become wet and sticky which not only makes it unpleasant to work with but also creates an unnecessary level of waste material. If there is surface wetness on the material for a prolonged period of time, it can taint the material. High humidity levels can be a real issue

Portable air conditioners can do more than just cool—they can also dry out wet areas faster than conventional methods. Portable air conditioners dry rooms out quickly to reduce the formation of mold and mildew, and keep them from spreading further. A portable unit ensures substantially faster recovery than with fans or dehumidifiers, reducing restoration costs.

Best of all, installation is simple. Just roll the unit in, plug it in, attach the dry-air exhaust duct and turn the unit on. Right away it starts doing its job. You’ll save time and money thanks to United Mobile Heating and Cooling’s dehumidification technology, which is designed to remove moisture and replace it with dry air. United Mobile Heating and Cooling is the perfect solution for protecting valuable equipment and property from moisture damage.

  • United Mobile Heating and Cooling’s Dehumidification Technology Speeds drying process with flexible ducting options.
  • Spot cools with special air conditioning configuration.
  • The only units independently verified for performance.
  • ETL & CUL safety listed.
  • Pumps water 100 feet to reach faraway drains (pump optional, collection tank standard).

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