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Spring is such a great period of time. The warm temperature, time at the beach, backyard babecues and lots more. But Spring can cause damage to new construction if the right cooling systems are not in place.

Many materials used in construction absorb moisture. When the temperatures are warm and there are frequent heavy summer rains, we will need cooler and drier air around the site and into buildings. so as to ensure workers remain comfortable and materials don’t swell or warp in the heat. While some moisture is expected during construction, too much poses a range of risks.

To combat any moisture issues, there are a number of drying solutions you can turn to, including heaters and dehumidifiers. But when you add to this the need for cooling during warmer weather, there comes the issue of cooling as well as drying.

Cooling Construction

Everything from the sheetrock and drywall mud, to the paint and flooring has a set of specifications for installation. And those specs define what the proper environment needs to be.

Portable air conditioners quickly remove moisture from the air, speeding up drying and curing of drywall joint compound, paint, grout, caulking and adhesives, setting the right environment for workers, materials and job done.

Drying and Dehumidifying Construction

To ensure the safety of materials and finishings during the summer, high humidity is and saturated air needs to be put the right measures. The site need to be dehumidified. Whether you choose to integrate dehumidification into the cooling and heating system of a jobsite depends on how long the water has seeped into the building for and what the interior finishes and furnishings are.

Self-contained, portable units provide quick, cooling relief for personnel in job-site trailers or tents – or for building occupants when the central HVAC system is temporarily turned off

Putting the right cooling and drying system in place can speed up the construction process and ensure the building is as high a quality as possible when it’s finished and ready to be occupied.

United Mobile Heating and Cooling portable air conditioners can do more than just cool the air. They can also provide faster drying for construction materials.

  • Speed up drying and curing of construction and building materials such as drywall joint compound, paint, tile grout, caulking and flooring adhesives, to reduce job costs.
  • Bring cooling relief to personnel in job-site trailers or tents.
  • Provide temporary cooling for building occupants when the central HVAC system is turned off during construction.

With United Mobile Heating and Cooling’s accelerated drying technology, industrial-strength blowers pull in large volumes of moist air and push out warm, dry air that can be directed at wet areas. This results in much faster moisture extraction and drying times than with fans or dehumidifiers.
United Mobile Heating and Cooling portable air conditioners are self-contained, so setup is quick and easy.
You just roll them in, attach the exhaust duct, plug them in and turn them on. Drying and air conditioning begin immediately.


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