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One of the major concerns of data centers is cooling and how to maintain the right temperature at all times. Experts believe the temperature range that is beneficial for a server room is between 64.4F and 80.6F. in other to enjoy a server’s life span and avoid losing a server due to overheating , we must guarantee proper and constant cooling.

To successfully run and manage a data center, a contingency plan is crucial. Emergency situation from different events such as hurricanes, power outage, fire and so much more requires a proactive plan to protect hardwares and valuable data.

When it comes to server rooms or data centers, a solid plan must account for numerous scenarios including server failure, disk failure, or power outage.

First and foremost, you can protect a sever room by renting or buying portable air conditioner from United Mobile Heating and Cooling. The key to a well-equipped server room is installing the appropriate emergency and backup systems so that if something goes wrong you have a system in place to take care of it.

Back Up and Emergency Cooling Systems

When a power outage strikes or central AC systems malfunction, the first thing you need is a way to keep your server room from overheating. If the power or AC goes out in the dead heat of summer it won’t take long for your data center room to reach frightening temperatures. As a result, systems could overheat, malfunction and potentially lose crucial data. Our Pro portable air conditioning series offer the backup you need to keep your systems safely up and running no matter what.

Rent or Buy Pro portable air conditioning series

United Mobile Heating and Cooling grants you the power to protect your server room or data center room from disaster. Not only should files be backed up, but additionally, you need a system in place to keep data rooms functioning even if the power goes out or your AC goes bust. Let us worry about backing up the AC. Learn more about our affordable Pro portable air conditioning series for sale and rent.

The Pro portable air conditioning series provides server room cooling on the rare occasions when outside air conditions are too hot and humid.

The back-up and emergency server room cooling can also engaged when the system is in emergency re-circulation mode, when there is a fire inside or contaminated outside air or smoke is detected entering the data center.


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